HKS (Healthy, Kind Support) Accountability Group November 24th 😾📺

Hi everyone on this last Thursday of November (!)

"[…] I have something no one else has: my brain. Which I use to my advantage… when advantageous." - Andy Bernard (The Office)

A less serious quote for today as I could use some comic relief myself, maybe it's helpful to someone else too. I like Andy's view: no one else has your brain! So nobody thinks exactly like you, which can be… advantageous. 😎 (Or not, but let's stay on the positive side here...)

Happy Thanksgiving to the Blenders celebrating it! Please share how you celebrate it, I'm curious, being an European.

It's sunny here this morning so I'll probably take advantage of that. 🌞 As I did a LB workout yesterday afternoon after a walk in the morning, I might postphone my UB workout until tomorrow. I'm not sure what my planning will be. I'm suffering from a case of tractor brain and I could use a brain breeze.

Social plans are a mess at the moment.

What are you up to, or are you just rolling along, seeing what the day might bring?

Picture of how Tep looked at me when I watched 90 Day Fiance most recently. Feel free to share your own interpretation of his little cat face. He wants to watch Joe Millionaire or Love after Lock Up, but that's where I draw the line. 🙈

Wishing everyone a low-stress, high-joy (if possible) day, with some exercise that fits your needs today.