Perspiration Pals 24 November 2022

Hello Pals! How are you? I didn’t have time to get back to all of you yesterday so I’ll tell you the right answers to my questions. The first one is ‘absence’ and second one is ‘pumpkin’. I’ve been eating a lot of that in the past week and I think I’ve finally reached to point where my body says no, thank you, it’s been delicious but let’s have something else now.

I did a kickboxing + upper-body strength routine this morning which apparently, I’ve done 8 times before but the last time was 3 years ago so I thought why not plus I wanted to see how my shoulder could handle it. It could. When was the last time you did a routine you seemed to have forgotten about?

My next question is connected to my pumpkin obsession. Have you been ‘obsessed’ with a food item lately? Or ever?

Happy Thanksgiving to our American Pals, I’m sure you’ll have a lot of good food today. I must get back to work now, see you later.