First Day of Work & My Birthday

Hello there everyone I've got some news to tell all of you first of all yesterday was my first day of work and it was busy but it wasn't exactly that fun of a job. Because I was mainly cleaning and dusting off workout equipment and I bonked my head a couple of times and I hit both sides of my hips too, so I'm not into that job that much. Second today is my birthday Happy Birthday to Me and I will love all of your happy birthday's to me and your comments about my first day on the job as well.

Because this week is just flying on by for me and fun things are happening one after another and tomorrow is Thanksgiving which we will be making a lot of food for tomorrow. Moving on to workouts yeterday I had a abs and Pilates workout with Daniel that was one of my favorites and today I had Daniel's Upper Body Strength Workout for People who Get Bored Easily which was another one of my favorite workouts. Oh before I forgot I'm 20 years old now and I don't really feel like i'm that old I feel more like I'm 14 years old instead or 16 years old, so that's it from me for now over to all of you and I will talk to all of you tomorrow.