Workouts with no warm up/cool down

Does anyone else like videos that don't have a warm up and cool down?

I notice lots of the more recent videos are 25-35 minutes long with both warm up and cool down included. I understand that many Blenders really like these short routines. I sometimes use them and agree they have their place.

However, I usually have longer than this to work out so would like to have more 20-30 minute add-in videos so I'm not having to repeat warm up/cool down movements, toggle back and forth to get the stretches all at the end, or stack 2-3 shorter add-in videos into my workout. (I believe Pranalisa refers to Fitness Blender sandwiches. 😊) Having a video without a cool down also allows me to choose a video as long or short as I need that day, targeted to what needs stretching.

As I said, I appreciate the value of these shorter, all-in-one videos, so I don't need to be convinced that they are well-used. I also know that people don't always notice that videos don't include a cool down until they get to the end, which can be annoying. I'm more wondering if anyone else uses the videos in a similar way and therefore if there would be interest in more, slightly longer add-in routines.