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FB Plus Pass Gifts, Wallet, and Activation

Release 2022.11.18 includes improvements for FB Plus Passes, which is the way to access FB Plus without the need for a subscription.

Wallet Screenshot

Store Updates

  • Ability to purchase FB Plus Passes for yourself or as a gift for others
  • Passes will no longer start as soon as you purchase them and instead can be activated at any time after purchase
  • Multiple Passes can be purchased at the same time
  • eGift Cards can now be purchased for yourself directly without having to redeem a code

Wallet Screenshot

New FB Plus Pass Wallet and Activation

  • Newly purchased FB Plus Passes (or if you receive one as a gift) can now be accessed from your FB Wallet
  • Select “Available Passes” from your FB Wallet to view your Passes
  • Store multiple passes at once
  • Passes do not expire
  • Click or tap on “Ready to Activate” to start accessing FB Plus content and features
  • Updated FAQs around Passes

Important: Passes cannot be used at the same time as a monthly or yearly FB Plus subscription.