Potential bug? Workout complete slider stuck on a previous day

I opened a video that I liked from several weeks ago. The “workout complete” slider was already on complete, so I undid it and every time I slid it back, it was stuck on the day I clicked the video from. No amount of refreshing would redo the workout complete slider. This is why I thought it might be a bug, because usually the slider is really smart.

I instead I had to reschedule the video for today and then go back to the day in my calendar to mark it complete. That’s a lot of extra steps with the handy-dandy slider.

User story:

As a user who wants to return to an old workout that I had completed a few weeks, or even a few days ago,

In order to very quickly and simply add the workout to my schedule without extra clicking and fiddling,

I need the workout complete slider to reset after I’ve already completed it on another day.