Day 15 of Eating Accountability

I had to change the eating plan the second week. I couldn’t eat enough of the food I bought, so I made meals that I liked for the week. I had salmon and zucchini, almond butter and strawberries. Chicken and Alfred with zucchini, eggs.

Someone mentioned that I should look at portions and they were right! I was eating too many calories.

I gained 2 lbs with the plan, so I adjusted it by focusing on a calorie deficit and ended up losing those 2 lbs by this morning.

For this week, not really sure of what to do eating/wise yet, but I’m getting the hang of it!

Im focusing on getting enough protein and finding meals in the meal plan that I like! Im too lazy to create the snacks and smoothies.

I don’t have weights, so resistance bands and walking workouts have been amazing! I also walk around a lot in the northeast since there’s a lot to do, so I’m thinking of staying here longer. Im only an emotional eater when I’m stressed and unhappy, which is when I’m at work forever or with family. It’ll be cold soon, so not sure if I can handle it.

I am far less stressed out here, so calorie counting is working for the first time, which was probably the missing ingredient in my lack of weight loss with exercising