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Weight Loss Help (Specifically stomach/thighs)

Hello! I'm fairly new to the FB community, although I've been using their videos since the beginning of the year. At the end of February this year I really kicked my butt into gear to try and lose a bit of weight and feel more comfortable in my body. I started at about 149 and as of this morning I'm down to 134.2, but I don't see a huge difference in my stomach and thighs (which is what I'm really aiming for). I know you can't target certain areas of your body and you basically just have to lose weight everywhere before you notice differences, but I'm already a healthy weight for my height (5'7") and I really just want to get down to 130-ish before calling it good, so I'm worried that these next five pounds won't make the difference I'd like to see. I've been doing FB30 for the past month or so and have been eating around 1,300-1,450 calories per day so I can maintain a deficit. I've also been including a 10 minute ab workout on top of whatever workout I'm scheduled for the day just to build up muscle in that area. Once the semester is over (only a week left!) I plan to start working out more/for longer amounts of time and up my hours at work (I work a part-time job where I'm on my feet all the time) so hopefully that'll help a bit, but if anyone has any recommendations, they would be really appreciated! I'm not sure how much diet plays into toning up, but for reference I'm vegan and eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, beans, tofu/tempeh, and carbs such as bread, quinoa, rice, and pasta.