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Help! How do I actually eat right?

Dear blenders,

I am really at a loss here... I'm usually very disciplined and have no trouble adhering to workout schedules or cutting alcohol or any such things. However, while I have the theory down, it is so hard for me to actually make those smart food choices. I know a lot about nutrition (and have plenty of ressources available to check) and what would be helpful to eat but I just can't fight my cravings.

I've read the articles about emotional eating on this site and think that is a big issue for me. Realizing those workings in the background did not help in my day-to-day habits though.

So I'm reaching out to this wonderful community and hope maybe someone here can point me to what finally made it 'click' for you?

Or maybe you know of a meditation to get me into the right mindset? Would love to try that but haven't found one here so far.