Hit me with your favorite upper body strength routine

Hi guys,

I'm working out at home again tomorrow since I don't have time for the gym. It's upper body day, and I'm not sure yet what to do, so please hit me with your favorite upper body strength videos! Length doesn't matter much. As long as it's weight lifting.

I also wanted to show you all my home set-up. I got new Barbell stands. They're perfect. I did some lower body strength today. It took some practice to get the Barbell back up on the stands. In the gym you stand in front of a big mirror so you can see if you're close to the hooks. But I got it figured out eventually. I did squats, side lunges, bulgarian split squats and glute bridge. It felt great working out at home again. Never have to wait for a spot in the squat rack haha. I'd love to see other people's workout space/home set-up.

Happy workout complete everyone 💪🏻