The importance of making photos. Shocker after taking pictures of myself!

Hey guys,

I just wanted to share my story with you to remind you that scale is not everything and if you are working out you must take pictures of yourself!

I am making FB videos and programs (mostly FB sweat now 3 time, but also FB FIT round 1) for god knows how long! However I was never on any diet, sometimes I eat very unhealhty and also working out very unfrequently. Sometimes I work out like 5 times per week for half year and then have 2 months break. It is like this because I have very bad luck with injuries, ilnesses (I am frequently sick over my throat :( ) and stressful situations like in work/life. I am trying to make some order, but it never succeds and I end like last 3 months, where I was: February - great stress, eating not enough, practically not working out. March - overeating stress! Zero workouts. I was eating my personal losses in life and work and was feeling very bad mentally. April - finally a progress! Working out 3/4 times per week and correcting diet, but still with to many fast foods and sweets.

So as I am making progress with my digestion, training schedule and stress level, I thought: I must take pictures of myself! I am also starting FB Sweat for a 3 time. And I tell you one thing: after these 3 months, horrible eating mistakes I was expecting to look worse in my entire life. However... I did 2 times FB sweat last year, 1 time FB fit and a looot of other FB workouts by just making program for myself. I was just training to maintain my weight and my health, but I did so many diet mistakes; I think I had NEVER a calories deficit in past 2 years, I was often eating my stress, sometimes drink some high calory alcohol, often eating fast foods, french fries, tons, tons of sweets, chocolate. And I still see progress here!!!

The only thing that I changed: I dont dirnk plain cow milk, because it started to develop some digestion problems. And I also always drink a lot of water.

SO: What you will see in the pictures are results of ONLY excersizing like 3/4 times per week, with dumbbells, cardio, hiit - the usual FB workouts. I dont do anything else. And drinking like 2-3 liters of water and herbal tea per each day.

And I have to say I am amazed, that by this number of mistakes I maintain progress of the look of my body!

This is very encouraging for me and I hope for you. Now I am curious what kinf of results I reach when I start to eat healthy.

FUN FACT? My weight is the same in both of these pictures. I weigh about 67 kg (+/- 1 kg), around 147 lbs.