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Day 7 of Eating Accountability

I'm not sure if I'm really following the meal plan that well - I have leftovers nearly every day, so I can't really follow all of the meals. I had leftovers from yesterday's meal for breakfast and I had an almond butter strawberry wrap with it. It was so delicious that I had it for an afternoon snack at 4, and then for actual dinner at 7 since I was nearly out of strawberries.

For the first time ever, I now have finished strawberries before they went bad. The wraps are also done - now I just have blueberries left over.

The one pan salmon was great for lunch! I thought I messed it up and eyeballed the ingredients. I overcooked the salmon, but it was still great. I felt very, very fancy to have such a nutritious meal!

For the first time ever, I'm slowly eating everything I've bought! For tomorrow's food plan (I don't have eggs), I'll have either the:

1. Chicken Berry Salad without the Garlic Bread (I have lots of Kale, however)

2. BBQ Salmon Salad

For a snack, I could have apples with almond butter or honey with almond butter.

The biggest challenge with cooking is probably the portion sizes - it's a little hard to cook 3/4ths cups of tomato sauce when the entire can of tomato sauce is 2 lbs. I usually just put the entire can in and eyeball the rest of the ingredients.

Either way, this has opened my eyes to new meals, how cooking isn't that complicated, and how much cheaper I can shop now that I know how much I eat.