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Day 6 of Eating Accountability

I had leftovers from yesterday’s dinner for brunch, and there was enough to have it for dinner as well.

I’ve discovered that I’m in love with wraps - I normally hate vegetables and salads. But put in a wrap and I’ll eat anything. I’ll 100% be making it in the future!

I’m not sure if I’m doing the program correctly since I’m sort of picking and choosing snacks and meals. I fell in love with almond butter and strawberries in a wrap and had it twice for a snack.

I did have 2 coconut mini bars, but the strawberry almond wrap was more filling and delicious.

I think I may have bought too much at the grocery store since I have salmon and chicken meals for tomorrow, but they also come up again in a few days. I’m a little worried that all the food will go bad because the veggie meals are near the end of the week, so I’ll probably move things.

I’m not continuing with FB complete since I lack weights, but I’m doing Walking, Pilates, stretches, and mobility. It’s cold, so I have less energy. I didn’t exercise today and yesterday, and my back is feeling it.

I’ll spend tomorrow morning walking (all of tomorrow off, yay) and also cook the meals before work. I’m very unlikely to exercise after the sun sets after going to the east coast