Lentil lunch

Hey everyone!

I cooked a spontaneous batch of lentils today and this is what became of them. Together with steamed broccoli and carrots they make a pretty great combo, I could eat tons and tons of them :3 The sauce is made up of: some of the broccoli/ carrot water, a few spoonfuls of pure almond butter, 1 tbsp soy sauce and mirin each, and shichimi togarashi, a spice mix consisting of chilli, black sesame, golden sesame, orange peel, blue poppy, white poppy, sichuan pepper and aonori. Yum!

I'm left with a huge pot of lentils since I couldn't use all of them for the stir-fry. Still convinced they just multiplied in the pot when I wasn't looking... What's your favourite lentil recipe, maybe lentil salad? Lentil tacos? I'm a huge fan of lentil bolognese, but have eaten it so often I need a break from it. Looking forward to see your ideas :)