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Day 5 of Eating Accountability

Went to the diner for brunch and it was… so expensive! I had a salmon and caper egg Benedict, and it was mainly just hollaindaise sauce with potatoes. I had some coffee, but it dehydrated me too much, so I threw out the majority of it.

I also had a pumpkin muffin. I had half of it for brunch, 1/2 right before dinner.

I had dinner pretty late since I was getting some work done, but it was the first day of the strength training meal Plan. I just did dinner, and it was filling! I made some replacements because I didn’t have garlic or ginger or tortilla wraps.

I combined everything into the wrap, and I’ll have the leftovers for brunch tomorrow. I didn’t realize how delicious garden salads were in wraps! The cheese, spices, and salmon completely made me forget that I was eating vegetables. I can add more vegetables to the leftovers tomorrow, and it’ll be delicious!

The entire grocery shopping trip was $72 without eggs, which is cheaper than the diner meal of $27 for brunch. That’s 1/3rd of my grocery bill!