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Day 4 of Eating Out Accountability

I had leftovers from the meal that I made yesterday for brunch, then got stuck in a 9 hour flight from delays. When I came out of the flight, all I wanted was a Starbucks, but it was closed.

I got this overpriced burger - $17 for a grilled chicken burger is too much! Because I was hungry, it tasted amazing, but I'm gaining clarity of how cheaper it is to just buy groceries and make it yourself.

I'm going to have brunch at a diner that I enjoy going to tomorrow and then go shopping for groceries. I'll make my first meal with FB's meal plan starting on Monday (I'll prep on Sunday).

A result of this challenge is that I'm not drinking as much caffeine as before. I'm in the Northeast and the Fall weather is beautiful.

My friends told me that it looks like I lost a lot of weight, but I actually gained weight when I checked on the scale. I do look much more fit, so I'll continue to avoid the scale and focus on the measurements.