Hi all.

I have been a follower and sometimes a doer for over 5 years. I own quite a few of the programs because I love not having to put workouts together when I already have little free time. The last two years it has been really on and off workouts because of overcommitting to work and my dissertation. Although, I know I feel best with a balanced diet and activity but my anxiety took the best of me and somewhere along the line I stopped all the goodness.

Anyhow I put on about 40 lbs in this stressful, sedentary and unbalanced nutrition lifestyle. A few weeks ago I was using a sleep app to set my alarm which happens to record snoring. I was snoring!!! It had not happened with this frequency to my knowledge. Just a few times a night but it was happening. The last four weeks I committed to eating those not so healthy things in moderation and started FBFit Round 2. I am happy to report that I have had snore free nights. The progress is there even if the visible changes are not so there yet.

On an even bigger note, my husband was prescribed (?) a CPAP machine for apnea about 2 years ago. His sleep study showed him right on the border of moderate/severe. About 8 months ago he started eating a more plant-based diet and has lost visible weight and putting in workouts. Because he was doing mostly cardio he committed to doing FBMass and he is now starting week 3. We moved cross country and he had to get a new sleep study test. The new sleep study shows he no longer needs the CPAP. He went from 29 events an hour to an average of 7.7 (mild). The doctor said he has been doing all the right changes and it should only get better. He will now have a mouthpiece only instead of the machine :-) So proud of him!

If there are any snorers out there (or love one), this may not apply to all but it doesn't hurt to give it a try to be machine free and/or get solid sleep.