Need Breakfast/Brunch: On-The-Go ideas


I’ve been traveling for a long time, so I usually have brunch, which turns into Starbucks. I’ll be staying in one place for longer than a week soon, and I’d like to cook brunch, but I dont really enjoy cooking every day. I make dinner in one batch and eat it through the week and it’s the same, but you can’t really do that with breakfast. I just really want eggs, coffee, vegetables, and bread, but I don’t want to make it.

The most sugar I get in a day/carbs is from Starbucks. It’s also not healthy long term, but I just have such little energy to cook every day, but I really do like hot breakfasts.

My other idea was to go to a diner and have food, but that’s even more expensive than Starbucks.

I’d love any advice/recipes!