Perspiration Pals Sunday October 2, 2022🦄🥳👻🧘‍♀️🐈

Happy Sunday Ppals!

This past week I felt like doing yoga so I listened to my body and did yoga with Marina 3 days. Next week I will try and listen to my brain and do strength training a few times.

Are there times when you listen to your body and do the workout it is telling you to do instead of what your calendar is telling you?

The meme is also how Lillie feels after I do yoga. She tries her best to get my attention by leaning against me when I am trying to balance or stands under me when I do downdog, 🐕so I am sure she is happy when she hears workout complete. 🥳

My body also told me to eat my veggies.🥕🍴 So I am happy that I made 2 different vegetable and rice dishes last week. Yesterday I combined the leftovers and cooked up more carrots and zucchini so I had a nice dinner of leftovers the past 2 nights.

Now let me know how your weekend is going. I hope you are doing something fun and eating delicious and healthy food 😋.

Oh and please get some exercise unless your body is telling you it is time for a rest day or two.🏖