HKS (Healthy, Kind & Accountability) Group 2nd October 😴

Hey folks,

How are we doing this Sunday?

Just like last Sunday, I'm once again transiting through airports this Sunday. Just a couple of hours of sleep + early morning flight = anti-social mode is high 😅 Still, I'll reach home around 17:00. Workshop concluded, and I need to prepare for my teaching tomorrow. But, I'm super happy to be seeing fur baby soon 😇 I mean, if I could, I would simply choose Calvin's Strategy (pic) for a Sunday 🌸

This week, the food has been crazy. Got in a lot of walk though. So, look forward to regular food and activities in the coming two weeks.

How about you? What workouts and activities are you planning for this month? And if you can, squeeze in some self-care moments today.

That's about it from me folks, over to you now. Take care and thank you for checking in with me.