Scheduling workouts from plans/challenges

I can see FB staff are making lots of changes on the website.

I don't know if others are in this boat or not, but I really wish there was an option to select the days you want the 4wk or 8 wk plan or 2 wk challenge to be scheduled, so for e.g. only mon/wed/fri/sunday is when the workouts get scheduled. I'm finding the constant moving a plan x days forward or backward depending on when I can get workouts in a bit frustrating. It also sometimes makes me disengage from working out "mindset of ohh I missed those two..what's the point etc" instead of having them scheduled on days when realistically I have the best chance of completing them right from the onset of starting the plan or challenge.

I had posted about this a long time ago, but doesn't look like it made to be something that was looked at. Hoping a re post on the same issue will get some attention.

Thanks for all the hardwork in maintaining a great site.