HKS (Healthy, Kind Support) Accountability Group October 1st

Good first day of October everyone! I write this and I honestly I do not know where the first 9 months of the year went.

But what matters most is not what happened during those past 9 months, as the past is in the past after all. What matters is today and tomorrow and the day after, which present a new opportunity for better things.

And after struggling for most of September, I want to make each day count in the rest of my story for 2022. As the quote says, I hold the pen and can choose to write a great story for myself.

So let’s start with this day. I will go for a walk to enjoy the good weather we’ve been having these past few days. And I will continue Simply Stretch. I got into a bad habit of not finishing what I started and I must break this pattern, so I won’t give up on this challenge with only a few workouts left.

I will also make banana bread muffins with three very overripe bananas, which I have kept putting off doing all week. And after taking out and washing my Fall sweaters and cardigans yesterday, I will get to washing our coats and jackets today. It will be warm enough to hang them out to dry and they will smell fresh when we wear them.

What have you planned to start off this new month? What first line will you write in your new monthly book?

Make it a great one and have a wonderful Saturday!

And as a reminder, everyone is always welcome to add a comment or two in these threads. We love to hear about your day and your thoughts 🙂