Perspiration Pals 30 September 2022

Hello my cute little blue penguins! It's so good to see you here today! How are you? How's your day panning out? Are you eating? Are you exercising? Are you having fun? Or trying to get the keyboard imprints out of your forehead before you can knock off for the impending weekend ahead? The kids spent their day outside baking in the sun, and now they are very tired as you can see. Although it appears there's been a contamination event. No mum! I'm not cuddling with the cat! That poor couch cushion is working overtime.

Being the end of September it was a beautiful spring day today, and it was warm enough that I made a smoothie. I have some leftover lamb meatballs for dinner, and I will probably skip my workout...again. I'm so sore from my lower body workout 2 days ago that asking me to do anything other than splay out awkwardly on the couch is too much. The next workout I do will be upper body, but that might have to wait another day or so.

Also being the end of September, and the 30th specifically, we have a variety of holidays to celebrate. Today being the last school day of September, it is Ask a Stupid Question Day. Remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question. Until you ask one, and the teacher gets irritated and your classmates laugh at you. Do you have any stupid questions? Mr Sweetie recently said something about NFTs, and I asked him what an NFT was. But really, does anyone actually know??

According to the internet, it is also Extra Virgin Olive Oil Day, Blasphemy Day, Orange Shirt Day, Hug a Vegetarian Day, International Translation Day, and National Hot Mulled Cider Day. As well as a number of other days, but this list is long enough as it is. When things say National blah blah blah Day I always think ok, but which nation? We don't have hot mulled cider here, and anyway our version of cider is a cold, alcoholic beverage made from fruit. And I've just realised it's school holidays as there was no school today, I suppose we're not allowed to ask stupid questions either. Will you be observing any of these, uh, holidays? I'm currently wearing a blue shirt...and blue sweatshirt, and blue pants, but I might go hug my vegetarian housemate without context later. And then celebrate Blasphemy Day by ordering a pizza with pineapple on it.

All right my darlings, I'm off to do some reading and try and not fall asleep on the couch as soon as I open the pdf. Have a crisis-free day folksies!