FB - a place for everyone!


I just wanted to say that I never cease to be impressed by the empowerment, acceptance, diversity, and warmth of the FB community. I am currently reading a textbook for school on exercise psychology, and today I read about how social support (ex. in the form of a group/exercise community) can increase motivation to workout so long as it has cohesion, is task-oriented, and such.

I kid you not, I immediately thought of FB and thought to myself, "I already have that."

Even though I never met any single one of you in person or our trainers (Kelli, Daniel...where aarrrreee yooou? XD)

Not everyone is lucky enough to have the support they need to find motivation to workout, to have global workout buddies, to have responsive trainers and companions. Many people are still being intoxicated by terrible information, demeaning trainers, unsupportive communities.

So thank you Kelli, Daniel, and everyone here who contributes to this community's awesomeness! ;)