Workout Cards and Guided Tours

Release 2022.09.23 includes a major update to the card layout for videos, articles, recipes and wellness videos.  A new “guided tour” feature will walk you through the changes when you first visit the workouts page.  These updates are available for All Members.

Card Layout

  • New layout for cards
  • For desktop users, hover over the card to see workout details
  • For mobile users, tap the bar icon on the bottom of the card to see the details
  • The calendar icon and vertical dot menu icon work exactly like the workout page
  • Favorites, Find Similar, and Add to Routines (plus features) are available with the “three dot” menu icon
  • The FB Plus pill has been removed in favor of a Free pill to signify free content
  • A workout complete check will show under the image if you have completed the workout
  • Replaced the “spinner” loading state on card views

FB Plus Day Pass

For free users, the “Add to Calendar” icon will be light gray for FB Plus workouts cards. When clicked, a pop-up will show with the ability to purchase a 1-day pass or learn more about FB Plus auto-renew.

Guided Tours

  • When accessing the workouts page for the first time, you will see a guided tour for the new card UI that walks you through the changes. 
  • New feature tours will only pop up once and can be quickly skipped by clicking “cancel tour” or the “X” icon.
  • Routines now have a multi-step guided tour that will walk you through creating your first routine. This tour can be accessed at anytime from the tutorials page or by clicking the “i” icon on the routines page.
  • In the future, new features will be highlighted with a tour to help show the UI changes.

Bug Fixes

  • The workout complete pop-up can now be closed by clicking / tapping anywhere outside the slider
  • “Add to Calendar” will no longer scroll to the top of the page when clicking next / previous month and maintains the scroll position