Perspiration Pals 22 September 2022

Hi there, Pals! To start the thread with a nice little cliché, variety is the spice of life. I haven’t had time to read all the replies but I will because I’m curious about what spices you up. All right, enough of spices now, let’s move on to something different.

This is usually the point where I take a little break to think about question/random fact of the day. Only a couple of hours, don’t worry. I’ve just remembered that we haven’t played ‘would you rather’ for a while now so why not. So: Would you rather be as strong as an ant or as fast as a cheetah? Would you rather live without fear or would like to be able to face your fears at all times?

Speaking of fears, what’s scheduled for today? Brutal HIIT maybe? I did Day 4 of the Strong Challenge but similarly to Adrienne’s Low Impact 2.0 my Strong Challenge is also 2.0 because I keep swapping the routines for something different. Not easier, though, mind you.

In other news, it’s Business Women’s Day today so good luck to all business women!