Trying to lose fat but HUNGRY all the time?

Several years ago I lost 50 pounds using smaller portion sizes, strength training and cardio. Mostly FitnessBlender workouts.

I am now done having kids and ready to get really in shape again. I’ve been cutting portion sizes, trying to eat a balanced diet. I’ve been doing the FB Adventure program and I love it.

The problem is… IM HUNGRY ALL THE TIME!! I’m trying really hard to be reasonable with how much / how often and what I eat but I’m just starving. I’m also not really seeing results (only been at it consistently for about a month - so I know that’s probably why - but I do remember last time results were happening much more quickly, BUT I was much younger then 😅 and had never had kids)

How can I fix this constant hunger thing? Haha. I try to always drink water before consuming food to see if that helps any.

** thought I should mention I am also breastfeeding… could I be eating too little ?? And that’s why I’m not seeing results + being hungry all the time?