why don't I get sore anymore?

Hi fellow blendies,

I'm having a very active September so far. I started fb complete for the first time and am opting mostly for advanced options. I did several HIIT workouts and worked out five days a week the last two weeks. Both things I havn't done for months. Also I ordered powerblocks last week and am opting for more weight I used to lift before. So with this high level of activity I was very surprised when I noticed I'm not getting sore. I know DOMS is different for everyone and I also know that soreness isn't an indicator for the effectiveness of your workout.

The weird thing is though that I always used to be sore from specific workouts before. The last two years I could set an alarm for DOMS setting in 24 h after I did a challenging lower body strength, a HIIT Workout or upper body strength with movements I don't do often. So the past few weeks DOMS just didn't happen. I didn't feel sore at all although the workouts I did were quite high intensity for my fitness level. So I don't feel like this is a good or a bad thing but I'd like to understand better why my body is suddenly reacting differently. Did this happen to anyone here as well? I'm curious what could be pontential reasons for my sudden lack of soreness.

What affects the intensity of soreness for you? And did you also experiece changes in whether you feel sore at all?