Shoutout to Daniel / Almost to 5 million Subscribers!


Shoutout to this guy. Notice he has 3 computers in front of him? That’s because he’s always willing to drop everything & help me out if I hit a roadblock with my own work (usually not without eye rolls and grumbles but whatever; he still comes through 😆). He’s currently rebuilding a template we’ve used for the last 5+ years that has suddenly vanished, because naturally, tech goes wrong at every given opportunity. Other than that, we’re currently designing the new 1000 calorie workout because we’re rapidly approaching 5 million @youtube Subscribers! It will go live the first Monday after we hit 5 mil. Huge thanks to all of you who sweat along with us & cheer us on, and special thanks to my other half for working so hard & for always being there for me, through tech issues & everything else life throws our way. Gratitude all around. #fitnessblender #teamwork #FBfamily