5 Day challenge Day 1 (9th month pregnancy - mods + pic)

So, how I made this one:


• Jump Squats: regular

• Mt. Climbers: Slow high knees instead

• Jumping Lunge: Low impact version

• Pendulum Swings: Regular

• Burpee: Regular (but only get 4 burpees for each 20 sec interval, quite slower then the usual, lol)

• Switch Foot Runners: Regular

• High Knees: Regular (but with quite smaller range of motion, because of the belly, lol)

• Squat Pops: Regular

• Lateral Jump: Regular

• Squat Jacks: Low impact version


• Single Leg Deadlift L&R: Regular with 8.8lbs per hand

• Ski Squat: Regular with 8.8lbs per hand (and smaller range of motion)

• (20) Curtsy Lunge L &R: Reverse lunges instead, with 4.4lbs per hand.

• Super Slow Squat: regular with 8.8lbs per hand in the 1st time, and 20 jump squats without weights for the second

• Deadlift: Regular, 8.8lbs per hand

• Alternating Side Lunge: Regular, 4.4lbs per hand

• Sumo Squat: Regular, 8.8lbs per hand

• Hip Raise Weighted: Regular, with no weights.

It was a good workout, I liked it! It was not super hard hiit as I was used before pregnancy, and I kind of miss that, too...But it was a nice short cardio, with a good strenght section, a valid burn! And now, after lunch, I'll do the round 2: clean the house, lol.

Now it's less then 4 weeks until delivery!!!! Anxious, but in a good way!