A Puppy Smile For All

After losing my beloved Zoey 3 months ago too young due to cancer, it is official; a new addition is joining our family in 5 weeks. Thank goodness. We went shopping for her yesterday to get essentials and of course lots of fun stuff for her. We are about 80 % ready to bring puppy home. Anyone out there considering a new puppy (or any animal, young or old), I recommend this stuffed toy. It’s a Snuggle Puppy Heartbeat fluffy animal you put in their night crate and it helps little one with anxiety due to a battery operated heartbeat that is buried deep in the snuggle’s cavity. I will only use this for nights and sleeping in night crate- right next to my bed. Definitely sleep with it about a week before so your scent is on it before placing in their new crate. I would love feedback from any members out there currently getting ready, going through or been through the training. Would be invaluable information.

Enjoy this picture. Taken Thursday at 4 weeks old. She’s healthy, thank goodness. She is the chunky blonde sleeping sweetly.