Goal crushed!

Today I reached my goal of squatting 50 kilo! I figure I can reach 80 kilo before my 8 week pass expires. I am also close to 200 kilo on the leg press machine. Double leg. Close to 100 single leg. Those are my next 2 goals. Unfortunately the employees who usually help me weren't there so I didn't get the squats on video (I promised my physical therapist I would film it), hopefully Wednesday. It's always crowded at the squat rack. 🙄 young teenagers who are ego lifting mostly. That's exactly why I always preferred home workouts.

Anyway just wanted to share this with you all! Everyone here has been so invested and supportive of my recovery journey! Y'all too sweet. If anyone wants to follow my recovery better, I regularly post accomplished goals on my Instagram ( Lisette Verhoeven @the_autistic_lizard).