3rd program complete in a row and a few NSVs 🙃

I just wanted to share that I managed to finish three programs in a row, FB Low Impact 2, FB Booty and FB Abs, which took me about 17 weeks with going on vacation in between and some extra rest days when needed,

I've been with FB since 2015 off and on, usually a little less when I was investing more into other activities like dancing, swimming and yoga.

Last year I moved back to my home country after five years abroad and it was quite a shock. I completely underestimated how big of a step it would be and I struggled quite a bit to feel at home in the new city (still having some low points every now and then..).

The first 9 months after that I couldn't really bring myself to do any intense workouts because I was already so stressed out, so I stuck with swimming and yoga (no dancing, thank you pandemic). But in spring this year something changed, I felt like I had a bit more headspace and decided to get back on the FB wagon.

Another motivator was that I am hoping to get pregnant some time in the next months/year and I wanted to be in my best shape possible to prepare my body for this challenge. (Fingers crossed...)

I don't weigh myself, so I don't know (read: don't care) if I lost weight, but my clothes fit differently for sure. The biggest victory is though that my recovery time was basically cut in half!! I can now actually do five intense workouts per week and feel pretty much fine by the weekend, that's really cool. I am also a lot less sore, even when I push myself hard. And I got stronger, I'm currently saving for a set of PowerBlock dumbbells because my weights are no longer challenging me :))

This community definitely helped me to stay motivated and focused. I am very thankful to have this space for exchanging thoughts, it is so positive and full of kindness and support. You are all wonderful 🥰

The picture is from a 4-day hike I went on this summer, pretty challenging but zero knee pain and never truly out of breath 💪😄