HKS (Healthy, Kind Support) Accountability Group August 19th

Good Morning everyone!

I almost forgot to post!

"Yesterday ended last night and today is a brand-new day. And it is yours".

What are you going to do with your brand-new day? Hopefully, you can leave yesterday behind and focus on today. What will it bring?

I had a nice stretching session with K. I really needed it. It was my first full week back at training. It was tough some mornings getting up since I was not sleeping well but I am happy I finished the week even though I had to modify and skip my run yesterday. Instead, I did some work with bands.

I am a little bit excited since we will go to the movies tonight. I have not been to the movies in more than 5 years. We will also go to a new to us restaurant. We also have a fun weekend ahead with a visit to Frankfurt to see friends and go to the Apple-wine festival and a traditional restaurant.

What are you looking forward to? Everyone is welcome!

A photo of our haul last weekend from the in-laws. The fruits of their labour... we appreciate it greatly. There were also eggs, peaches, pears and blueberries. Not to mention the preserves.