Perspiration Pals August 16th, 2022

hey there pals,

How are doing today? hi from an obviously rainy day here! not at all sulking (wishing my inner peace kicks in soon now).

A rather slow day at work and I have been feeling quite sleepy actually. for whatever reason, morning coffee just got eliminated from my schedule, that plus no sun = sleepy Toasty. Might leave work soon and get in some workout to shake out zzzzz feeling.

Or might just take a walk in school -the new semester started this Monday and there are students absolutely everywhere. I haven't been out in the main corridors yet! Last night, from 2 buildings and a street away I heard loud partying (yep, Monday evening folks!).

On to lil fur baby: she's as adorable as ever and has now been demanding to play with her vocally, haha! cute. Pic in comments.

Anywho, that's all I can manage to put together in today's thread. Over to you folks. How is the day treating you? Any new workouts or taking a break? Waiting for Autumn or winter? join Adrienne in her excitement 😅 Of course, we always welcome anyone and everyone here, so don't hesitate to pop by.

Thank you for checking in with me today. Toasty hug 🤗