Perspiration Pals Monday August 15th ☕🍂🎃

Welcome to Monday Pals. I know that's not necessarily welcome news, but I hope we can all make the best of it.

Did you know there are 39 days until the first day of fall? Around here, you can really feel the season beginning to turn already. The mornings are cooler, the light is softer, the days are shorter...and the stores are already selling Halloween decorations and candy. You can even see evidence of leaves falling and starting to change color, though that may have more to do with the drought conditions we've been experiencing than anything. But the approach of my favorite season makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, despite the fact that today is a Monday and a two day weekend just isn't long enough. I will revel in this pre-autumn shortly when Remy and I take a walk before I head out the door to work. It might even be cool enough for a sweatshirt!

So let me know what's going on with you today Pals. Any changes you've noticed in the seasons yet? I know some of us are transitioning from the cooler to the warmer months and some are still suffering under intense heat. I hope those friends get some relief soon.

And how about workouts? What's everybody up to today? I did a total body Pilates workout, but I was rather distracted for the first half by worry over Kiki who hadn't shown up for breakfast after her nightly ramblings. She finally did appear so then I was able to wrap up my workout.

And now I should wrap up this thread so I have time for that aforementioned walk. Hope to see you below!