Sleep 💤

Hello everyone,

I am having a sleep study next week. I can't wait. I've been having awful sleep problems that started around 2 yrs ago and has gotten so bad I truly thought was dying. I have lost 30 pounds with FB and proper eating. However I noticed that my weight loss had literally stopped. I could t figure it out. My nutritionist couldn't figure it out either. I finally went to see a sleep specialist and she told me she thinks I have sleep apnea. She also told me that sleep and weight loss are directly related. I've been having what seems like insulin resistance issues but the doctor told me that lack of sleep can screw up your sugar as well as other physical and mental health issues. I feel sick all the time. I feel anxious all the time. I have headaches all the time. I have no energy at all. Doing workouts now requires me to modify my cardio and my weight that I'm lifting. Sometimes I can't use weights at all. Most days I cant even find the energy to do yoga.Today was actually a good day because I slept in my recliner and got some decent sleep. I'm thankful for this day because yesterday I sat most of the day due to weakness and headaches.

I was dumb and ignored what was going on until it got so bad. If you have any sleep problems at all please get it checked out. Please take it seriously. My doctor to me that every breath you lose it damages your heart. Sleep is vital for your physical and mental health. Please take care of yourselves.