HKS (Healthy, Kind Support) Accountability Group August 14th 2022

hey there sweet folks,

Happy Sunday!🙂 Well, it is one of those rare sunny days here and yes I feel perkier that usual, even if it just for today :) After weeks (& weeks) of rain, it is warm and sunny here today. Some of us have planned to meet in the city to hangout, haha. kinda feels like a festival really.

And so, here's today's quote: "take it all one day at a time and enjoy the journey". this is something I keep repeating to myself when I need to pick myself up and kind of helps to move from one day to another.

In other news, I found a dance school's pamphlet in my letter box about new courses starting soon. I guess I could join salsa again and finally make some local connections🙂 For workouts, I went for a 5 kms run yesterday and then another 5 walking. Today I picked K's kickboxing and UB workout before heading out.

That's about it from me folks. How's your Sunday treating you? Remember we are all into self-care Sundays -mine would be grabbing a beer or two in the sun 🍻🌞 Over to you now pals. Also, as always we welcome everyone here, so please feel free to pop by.