Ppals Sunday August 14, 2022🌞🪐🧶⛷🚣‍♀️

Happy Sunday Ppals!

I hope you are all having a great weekend and treating yourself to lots of oxygen.

I finished the Bored Easily program Thursday in a record breaking 6 weeks!🙄-that is longest it has taken me to do a 4 week program. But that is OK.😇 I took breaks due to vacation bible camp, the heat🔥 and seeing new workouts that I just had to try. I have had the program for more than 2 years so it was about time I got to it. The program grew on me as I went along. The first work out was 52 min which scared me a little😱 but after that there were days of 30-40 minute workouts which was nice to do in this heat that many of us in the northern hemisphere are experiencing.

Now on to the meme. Since BE is a slightly older program I got to work out with Kelli and Daniel. 👍So I got to hear Daniel's famous keep your lungs open! That always makes me smile and wonder how I could close my lungs🤔. Ok I know what he means but sometimes I picture things literally. I also got to hear Kelli telling us to treat ourselves to oxygen.

In other news it is finally a little cooler and less humid here ahhh! 🌴I treated myself to a nice walk outside yesterday morning and will do the same this morning.

For food I haven't figured that out yet as it is still Saturday night for me. But I will eat tomorrow and hopefully it will include fruits and vegetables.🍇🥦

Now over to you pals.👉 I would like to hear about your weekend, What are you doing? What is on your exercise and food menus, And stay cool if it is hot by you and warm if it is cold where your are.