My Workout & My Day

Hello there everyone how was everyone's weekend and week because my was lots of fun I had my best friend over again and she stayed until Wednesday, and we went bowling together and had loads of fun. I think that I might want to do that again with her because of how much fun we had doing it and we even played racing together as well, my best friend was thinking of having me come over for a few days at her house and have some fun there. I don't really know for sure but it will be a first for me and I know that I would have lots of fun with her at her house, and there will be things for me to play and have fun with.

Moving on to workouts, what workouts did all of you do while I was gone because the workout that I did for yesterday was a total body strength workout with Tasha with no weights, and the workout for today was a upper body workout with Daniel and my arms were feeling it by the end of the workout. I think that the program I choose to do was not a good choice so I'm going to change it and do a different one instead because, this program is really weird. I will make sure to keep all of you updated on anything fun and exicting and new that might happen while I'm here at my mom's house, but I know that I'm probbaly going to be going to Ashton's house next Friday and staying until Tuesday.