Deadlifts are back on the menu boys

So I got permission to start building up deadlifts. I did them with my physical therapist and as long as I use a mixed grip and do 3 sets of 5 reps it's fine. After 5 reps my thumb stops holding on and I lose my grip. I can use 15 kilo barbell. I hate that it's relatively low but instead of thinking that, I'm trying to tell myself "deadlifts!!!"

Next week we're working on the bench press and holding 2 individual dumbbells. Like, I can use a barbell for lunges, but it would be more comfortable with 2 dumbbells next to the legs.

I also hit 35 kilo for barbell squats today at the gym. It felt weirdly easy. Like, I used to do 30 kilo before the stroke and I would struggle to finish 8 reps, now with 35, it went well. I think it's because of the leg press, made my legs stronger. Anyway, it seems my goal of 50 kilo barbell squats is not unrealistic at all. Gonna try 40 kilo on Monday. It's going surprisingly well. I'm suspicious 🤔 haha.

Thanks for reading and cheering me on guys! Happy weekend.