Dear FB community,


Dear FB community,

I was looking back on, and checking some comments on post from the last few days, and realized I hadn’t really looked at who won the contest. I wanted to say congratulations to everyone who won, but also to everyone else as well.

I couldn’t read them all, but like I said in my comment on FB’s Hiit post today, I’m so proud of everyone here! You are all winners to me! Some of the things people have been through was so sad to read, but y’alls fight is inspiring.

Jesse, I wanted to congratulate you personally.

When I saw you were one of the winners I was so happy for you! I saw the others comments to you, and I wanted to read your story, so I went scrolling, scrolling, scrolling until I found it. Honestly I was lost for words. I’m so sorry about the struggles you’ve been through. I never would’ve thought that. I just want you to know I really appreciate you. You’ve taken me under you wing so to speak, since day one here. You’ve made me laugh, and you’re allways one of the first (if not the first) to reply to me with helpful tips, something nice or funny to say. Thank you! I hope I can bring a smile to your face and be an encouragement to you, too!

P.s. I don’t know the situation, but I pray God will heal you and your mom’s relationship, and there will be healing from things in your past.