New FB Plus Workout: Beginner-Friendly Power Yoga and a Question

Challenge your strength, balance + mobility with this beginner-friendly, total-body Power flow!

Foundational Power Yoga: Beginner-Friendly Strength, Balance, and Technique

This power flow explores the building blocks of the practice, moving slowly and intentionally so that you can learn the postures as well as the proper technique. The static holds of each Warrior 1, Warrior 2 + Warrior 3 will challenge our strength as well as our proprioception; once we’ve built some heat, we will slowly explore transitioning between each Warrior, finding fluidity and flow, challenging our balance and mobility. We will round out the practice with some grounded core work, in addition to some seated and reclined stretches intended to increase hip and shoulder joint mobility, as well as increase muscular flexibility. 

So whether you are just beginning to explore yoga or you are an experienced yogi looking to bring it back to the basics, all students can benefit and learn something new about their own practice with this total-body flow! I hope this practice inspires your curiosity about where and how you can evolve your own practice and get creative with your movements. 

Throughout this slow power flow, I invite you to take this great opportunity to bring awareness to your breath and continuously call your awareness back to your breath (when you catch your mind wandering). Your breath is an excellent indicator of when you have successfully played your edge (and maybe need to back off a little) and/or when you can push yourself a little further; think of the breath as a messenger between your body and nervous system! The more we can regulate the breath and understand its patterns, the better we can understand our bodies, minds + nervous systems. I love to use my breath not only to tune in deeper to what my body calls for (rather than my mind), but to utilize my breath as a tool to set my single point of focus, as well as a call back to full presence. 

I hope you find a little fire and a little water throughout this flow, and that it leaves you feeling empowered and inspired in your body, mind + practice! As always, everything posture and transition I call is merely a suggestion; you are your best teacher so I highly encourage you to flow where and how your body calls you to flow. If you explore/experience a new transition or add in different postures throughout the practice, comment below to let me know where this practice inspired you to go! 

Question: Would you like to see more yoga flows 20 minutes and under; around the 30-45 minute mark; or 60-75 minute practices? Let me know your preferences in the comments below, as well as any particular requests for areas of the body to focus on and/or postures to work towards!

With love + light,