New post stroke personal record for barbell squats!!

So now that I'm allowed to do barbell squats again I immediately went for a personal record. I did 27 kilo today for squats, reverse lunges, side lunges. I have an 8 week pass for the gym. So my membership expires on the 16th of September. I expect that they will bring back the covid access pass around that time. Since I can't be vaccinated, I will lose access to the gym so I have made it a goal to hit 50 kilo for barbell squats before the 16th of September. (They claimed they would arrange some exception for people who can't get vaccinated, so they won't be excluded everywhere, but it's been a year and nothing has been arranged). A nice guy helped me out yesterday at the gym. Of course we got to talking about what happened to me. I was very relieved he was polite about it. Most people are seriously rude and mean when I say the covid shot caused my stroke. I don't mind talking about it, I just don't want to be treated as if I'm a liar or crazy conspiracy theorist. Anyway, rambling. Point was: new personal record and a nice goal. Let's see if I will make it! I thought it should be doable. I'm regaining strength quickly. 💪🏻