PPals Saturday August 6

Hi Pals,

We have made it to the weekend. I don’t know how we do it every week. Picture is a rainstorm in the desert. Storms often cover a small area, but can be intense. We were driving to a reservoir to see a Hot air balloon lift off, and this storm appeared. Look for the double rainbow that you can see as the slightest ghost. It was brighter earlier, but navigating the landscape and my camera was difficult.

We met some photographer friends, so eventually I will have photos to share. Probably not today/Saturday. 😉

What’s happening

Family? My sons were cooking when we left. I offered one dark chocolate if he would have the dishes done and the kitchen clean by the time we come home. He agreed.

Food? No plans yet.

Fun? Family? Fur friends? Fitness? Fiesta? Fey? Frolic? We could fly a fun story with some of these words. Hah! If I was mean, I could make you put the words in alphabetical order. 😉 No homework on the weekend.

I’d love to hear how you’ve felt this past week. (Yes, I unloaded earlier.)

Hang in there pals. We can conquer. All are welcome to contribute. 🌺💕🍫

PS The reservoir is only at 4% capacity. We are all going to die in New Mexico. A state full of mummies.