My Workout & My Day

Hello there everyone how is everyone doing we are almost to Friday and I can't wait for the weekend to get here, because I'm going to be spending time with my best friend one more time before she goes back to pac-street again. I'm so sorry that I forgot to post online yesterday it just wasn't on my mind at all so it totally spaced for me to get online yesterday, but I was very busy yesterday and for today and I also got in my workouts one for yesterday and one for today. The one for yesterday was a killer upper body workout with Daniel and the one for today was a sweaty killer lower body workout again with Daniel, so I'm going to guess that my workout for tomorrow is also going to be a killer workout on my arms.

Because from all the workouts that I've had the past 7 days my arms and legs have been really feeling it and they are both completely wore out and tired out from the workouts. My legs will totally like it and apricate it when I give them a week off to relax from the killer workouts and take it easy on them for a couple of days, because on some of the workouts for this week and weekend my legs or arms were shaking halfway through the workout. So my body will totaly need lots and lots of stretching out from all the workouts that I had for the 7 days of being here, and I can't wait to hear from all of what you have planned for the weekend.