Got the green light for barbell work!

So I got a temporary gym membership so I could strength train the legs without violating the weight lifting ban. Leg press, hip abduction and stuff. I've been working with the physical therapy on using a barbell. The wrist tends to bend which it's not allowed to do. So today we tried taping it and did some barbell squats and my wrist stayed straight. So she said I was allowed to do barbell squats myself again. I'm very happy!! I paid for 8 weeks at the gym, so I will continue going and probably start there with barbell squats so I can have a staff member be a spotter. Next week I think I'll choose deadlifts or bench press to work on next. Got the green light a lot faster than expected, which is great! The tape is more of a visual reminder that I need to straighten my wrist. She said she didn't see it bend at all with the tape. I find it difficult to tell. Like, if I'm holding a bar in my neck, which way do I need to move to get the wrist straight? It's weird to think you suddenly don't know those things anymore. Also! at the gym I succeeded in doing the 30 centimeter plyo box jump! In rehab I once started with 7, and got up to 15, and I've been wanting to do 30 ever since, and I can! I might try 45 next week! Another goal I sort of accomplished was tying my shoelaces. I have a hard time getting the laces tight, but I can tie them!! I'm just ticking off goals from the list and it's great! Next up is closing a zipper.