My lunch today!

A few days ago I made this for my family, and I had leftovers for lunch today! Egg rolls, fried brown rice, Thai slaw with peanut dressing and fruit. Yum yum yum!

I made “fried” brown rice by sautéing carrots, mushrooms and peas then, added brown rice and scrambled an egg in the middle and cooked it all together for a minute. I lightly fried the egg roll to get them crispy on the outside then I baked them. (If anyone has any tips on getting egg rolls crispy just with baking, I’d love to hear!) Then, I made this reeeeally good Thai slaw with peanut dressing I found on Pinterest. (Minus the added sugar it calls for.) I felt like I was chopping cabbage by hand/in my vita-mix all that day, but I love making food myself and knowing what’s going into it. Its so exciting for me to make things myself instead of buying everything. You have to put the effort in and then you get the good out! It feels (and taste) so rewarding!

I noticed after I ate that one of my egg rolls was upside down in the picture. Opps!😏