HKS (Healthy Kind Support) Accountability Group July 24th 😊

hey there sweet folks,

Hello from a rainy part of the world and welcome to another Sunday edition of this thread.

Past Friday I mentioned about difficulties in getting back to a normal routine post a break/holiday and consequently struggles with focus. So, I resorted to a tool I had previously used -Pomodoro (Italian for "tomato"). A simple technique developed first via kitchen timer, where you divide your work into chunks of 20-25 min tasks, then take short breaks (5-10 mins) & then restart your timer. Happy to say I can feel myself bouncing back to a productive routine, thanks to initial help from this tool. Hence, the quote :)

Have you ever used any such technique? (tool or no tool) or how do you forge your way into a productivity zone/flow?

Following Storm's tradition, today is also self-care Sunday. I plan to cook a dish I really like using red kidney beans. Other than that I suppose I will be oscillating between work and leisure for rest of the day.

Also, shout out to Storm! 🤗

That's about it from me folks. Remember, all are always welcome in these threads (HKS, P Pals & Daily Check ins). So feel free to pop by.

Wish everyone a pleasant week ahead!