New Guided Practice on FB Plus: Visualization for Emotional Healing

Alright, so today's guided visualization may be an entirely new concept for many of you and, in my experience, tends to feel a little strange at first. However, it has also been my experience that this type of inner child work is powerful and can contribute to changes in many domains of life. In this guided visualization, you will imagine yourself as a child, a version of yourself that needed something from a caregiver that you didn’t get at that time. Whether that is love, compassion, validation, self-esteem, or comfort, the intention behind this practice is that you can provide this need for your past self, but now as an adult.

Visualization for Emotional Healing: Inner Child Guided Practice 

A good way to tell if you would benefit from inner child work is if you notice yourself becoming easily worked up about some particular topic and you can pinpoint an early contributing factor for why that is the case. For example, I once worked with a person who was easily triggered anytime they perceived someone to be questioning their competence. This stemmed from early caregivers always validating their siblings (but not this person) for their intelligence and what they needed as a child was for someone to tell them they were also capable, smart, and competent. So, they did it for themself as an adult!

I recommend trying out this guided visualization during a time where you feel you have more emotional energy and are ready to welcome emotions into your day (AKA, not five minutes before a work meeting). A good strategy is to schedule this into your week and work around it. This guided visualization can help you to heal relationships with others and yourself, alleviate and work through uncomfortable emotions, and help you to move forward in ways that don’t limit yourself. I encourage you to open yourself up to this practice and welcome new experiences into your life!